How a Labour Government Impacts the Charity Sector in the Northwest

With Labour’s victory in the UK General Election, the potential impact of a Labour government on the charity sector is a topic of significant interest. For charities in the Northwest, understanding Labour’s promises and statements is crucial for future planning and strategy. Here’s what Labour has said about their plans for our sector:


Longer-Term Funding Stability

Labour has promised to provide longer-term funding settlements through local government. This approach aims to offer more stability and predictability for charities, allowing them to plan and execute their missions more effectively without the constant worry of short-term funding.


Economic Growth and Increased Investment

Labour’s focus on economic growth is designed to increase tax revenues, which could potentially lead to more investment in public services and support for the charity sector. This economic strategy is intended to create a more robust financial environment for charities to thrive.


Partnership and Collaboration

Labour envisions a strong partnership with the charity sector, recognising it as a vital player in addressing societal issues. This collaborative approach could mean more strategic involvement of charities in policy-making and a greater role in delivering public services.


Sustainable and Scalable Suppor

Labour has emphasised the importance of scalable and sustainable support. This means making the most of available resources and ensuring that support mechanisms are effective and long-lasting.


Public Trust and Involvement

Labour recognises the high level of public trust in charities and aims to leverage this by involving them more in decision-making processes. Encouraging more support from wealthy individuals and integrating charities into broader societal strategies are key components of this vision.


Potential Challenges 


While Labour’s promises are encouraging, there are potential challenges that the charity sector might face under a Labour government:


Limited Additional Funding:

Labour has been clear that there won’t be a significant increase in direct funding for the charity sector. This means charities will need to continue finding innovative ways to maximise existing resources.


Economic Pressures:

Increased pressure on household budgets could negatively impact charitable giving, which makes up a significant portion of the sector’s income.


Political Uncertainty:

An election year brings uncertainty, which can delay decision-making processes for contract tendering and organisational finances. Charities will need to navigate these uncertainties carefully.


Increased Scrutiny:

With a potential change in government, there will be an increased focus on what charities are saying and campaigning about. Organisations must ensure they follow electoral and charity laws to avoid any legal issues.

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Labour’s Manifesto Policies for the Charity Sector


Labour’s 2024 manifesto outlines several key policies that directly impact the charity sector. One significant area is mental health reform, where Labour has pledged to increase funding for mental health services and ensure that mental health support is integrated into primary care. This includes hiring more mental health professionals and expanding access to community-based services, which charities can play a crucial role in delivering. Additionally, Labour plans to enhance support for vulnerable groups, such as the homeless and those affected by domestic violence, by working closely with charities to provide comprehensive care and resources. These policies aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for those in need, leveraging the expertise and reach of the charity sector.


In addition, Labour have also pledged the following in their manifesto:


  • Recruit an additional 8,500 new mental health staff
  • Open hubs to provide open access mental health services for children and young people in every community
  • Reform the Mental health Act to provide more autonomy and dignity to those in inpatient care
  • Work with local areas to create plans to support more people with disabilities and health conditions into work
  • Replace the current Work Capability Assessment
  • Guarantee the rights of those in residential care to see their families



While Labour’s promises offer hope for a more stable and collaborative environment, the charity sector must remain vigilant and adaptable to navigate the potential challenges ahead. Labour’s manifesto policies, particularly in areas like mental health reform and support for vulnerable groups, provide additional opportunities for charities to play a crucial role in delivering essential services. By staying informed and proactive, charities in the Northwest UK can continue to address the pressing issues facing our communities and leverage Labour’s commitments to enhance their impact. However, it is essential to be prepared for potential challenges such as limited additional funding, economic pressures, political uncertainty, and increased scrutiny. With a balanced approach, the charity sector can thrive and continue to make a significant difference in society.

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Published: July 5, 2024