Bid & Grant Writing Support

At Spring North we provide expert bid writing support. We know how to craft compelling, persuasive and successful applications that will secure the funding you need. 

Secure Impactful Funding

Determine the direction of your organisation to ensure everyone is aligned and striving to achieve common goals.

Our bid writers have a proven track record of high win rates – each year, they generate more than £500k in funding for our clients by writing engaging, effective and well-structured applications.

Why use Spring North for your Bid & Grant Writing?

  • We have won funding through European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), European Integration Funding (EIF), European Return Fund (ERF), Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC), European Social Funding (ESF) and other complex funding streams – such as Growth & Innovation Funding.
  • We offer a full (end to end) bid writing service, part writing (often handling more complex answers for clients) and pre-submission professional checking, feedback and bid upgrade service.
  • Our highly qualified, experienced team has won a wide range of bids and tenders – from government department (including Crown Commercial Services Framework Tenders), Environment Agency, NHS, DWP, UK Commission for Skills & Employment, Skills for Work, Education & Skills Funding Agency, and those issued by Housing Associations, Local Authorities and City Councils.
  • Our in-house workshops help your organisation unlock its potential in grant and trust writing, elevating your skills & transforming your strategic approach for crafting winning applications to achieve success for your charity.

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To arrange a free consultation meeting about any of our Business Services, please contact Martin. ​

Martin Hartley Smith – COO

Martin Hartley Smith – COO
01254 784105

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