Business and Strategic Plan Review

We understand that planning for success is essential, but equally important is the ability to adapt when things don’t go as expected. Our Business and Strategic Plan Review service offers a comprehensive assessment of your existing plans, ensuring they are robust, agile, and ready to weather any storm.

Why do you need a Business Plan review?

The time required to develop and maintain a Business Plan can be significant and some might consider it a waste of charitable resources. However, the process of writing the document provides the perfect opportunity to address the risks a charity may face when striving to meet its objectives. In addition, the final document will act as a point of focus for the charity by ensuring the board of trustees and the management are working towards common goals.

If the risks identified do come to fruition the fallout can lead to a barrage of negative publicity. Whilst planning for such a situation is difficult, it is important for charities to develop some form of crisis plan. This ensures there are guidelines in place for not only dealing with the media, but also managing the day to day affairs of the organisation, and importantly, reducing any adverse impact on beneficiaries.

What will we help with?

Generally, our business/strategic review will:

  • Check the progress of your charity or social enterprise business
  • Assess your core activities
  • Assess your business efficiency
  • Review your financial position
  • Conduct a competitor analysis
  • Conduct a customer and market analysis
  • Help redefine your business goals
  • Direct your strategic plans
  • Inform your business plan and creation of a route map

Which areas will we look at?

  • The current situation and status
  • History, Vision and Mission
  • Culture (the ‘glue’ that sticks everything together)
  • Staff roles, responsibilities, motivation, workload, experience, skills Assess the external environment and relationships
  • Identify any ‘fault-lines’ that could potentially derail the strategic review (i.e. new governance dynamics or anticipated changes to the operating environment).
  • The seven “P’s“ framework Profitability; People; Premises; Productivity; Procedures; Promotion; Positioning

What is the process?

The review process would typically start by spending time with the staff team, managers, senior managers, CEO, stakeholders, volunteers, etc. to better understand the nuances, workings and culture of your organisation. Involve staff in the review – listening carefully to ideas, aspirations, frustrations, their observations; obtaining honest answers to sometimes difficult questions; identifying any difficult personnel ‘dynamics’; looking for any progress ‘hindrances’; identifying key strengths, underused abilities, etc.

Our strategic/business reviews normally take between 3 days and 5 days of support. This allows us enough time onsite to undertake a number of interviews, spending time understanding how your organisation ticks and help you identify areas to improve performance or excellence.

This approach is core in allowing us to construct and present an honest appraisal of your organisations strategic/business plans and current position. We can then professionally develop a strategic/business plan, designed to take your organisation to the next level, incorporating stretching although achievable targets and objectives.

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