Marketing and Brand Identity Review

Reviewing your internal marketing environment is important because it’s crucial to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to achieve your promotional goals.

Of course, it can be difficult to put your own business under the microscope, which is why we have developed an offer for organisations to access the assistance of an external marketing review, which is affordable and tailored to the size of your organisation and its needs.

What will a Marketing Review help you with?

  • Realign your marketing efforts and activities to suit your goals
  • Improve the ROI from your marketing activities, with facts and data to make informed decisions to get the best possible results from activities
  • Consider new ideas, tactics and strategies to help launch or drive new campaigns.
  • Insight into your competition and position, what are they doing well to target their audiences Keep you up-to-date with new technologies, trends and techniques, to help you stay ahead and maximise your marketing activities.

How will a Marketing Review work?

The first part of our marketing audit is a range of situational analyses, including brand and service/project positioning, market trends, competitor’s performance and historic failures & successes.

The second part of the market review is an audit designed to measure the effectiveness of your marketing resources, including software that you may be using either online or offline, website, social media and other tools. This part of the audit is aimed at improving efficiency and results within your marketing activities.

The third part of the marketing audit is an assessment of your marketing strategy and the tactics you use to achieve your marketing and business objectives. This includes a review of the marketing campaigns you have historically implemented, focusing on the quality of the planning, execution and results of campaigns. It will also identify any gaps in your marketing strategy; opportunities to use new channels to your advantage and ways to improve the effectiveness of your promotions and campaigns.

On completion of the marketing review, your organisation will be presented with a well-structured, concise report outlining key recommendations and action plan to assist you in making improvement and strengthening your marketing function.

Marketing reviews can be tailored to meet the needs and size of your organisation, available from a 1-day review up to 3-days for more in-depth reviews.

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