Compassionate Lancashire Communities – Our ongoing journey towards the Trauma Informed approach

Member Event
17th July 2024
All Day


Marriott Hotel
Garstang Rd, Broughton, Preston, PR3 5JB


Lancashire Violence Reduction Network
Lancashire Violence Reduction Network

Other Organizers

Trauma Informed Lancashire
Trauma Informed Lancashire

Brought to you by “Trauma Informed Lancashire” and the “Lancashire Violence Reduction Network”.

Trauma informed community development acknowledges the impact trauma has on local people and strives to mitigate those effects. Lancashire Community traumas such as violence, poverty, racism, health inequalities and social determinants can prevent people from building trust with their neighbours or participating in daily or civic life. Therefore, there is a need for our local system to join/continue their trauma informed journey to address the adversity that impacts across our communities.


This one day free to attend event will:

  • Hear from Lancashire community members, those with lived experience and system leaders who are active in developing a trauma informed cultural shift.
  • Share best practice, research, and diversity of thought from across Lancashire rich trauma informed landscape.
  • Learn from those Lancashire agencies and systems by sharing trauma informed practice and organisational development.
  • Fostering connections between Lancashire residents, bolstering community resilience, and promoting emotional intelligence.
  • Developing a community system that is guided by knowledge of what is needed for healing from emotional and psychological wounds.
  • It has relevance to everyone in the system through the promotion of safe, open trusting alliances.
  • Showcase the work across Lancashire through a “marketplace of ideas” approach during breaks.


Who is the event aimed at?

  • System leaders who wish to adopt a trauma informed approach to their organisational development and community engagement.
  • Front line practitioners involved in developing trauma informed practice.
  • Lived Experience professionals.
  • Community Navigators.
  • Third sector professionals.


Due to limited numbers and ensuring the room is filled with a variety of leaders, practitioners and lived experience, places may not be guaranteed.

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Published: April 22, 2024