Let’s talk about Suicide – Spreading Hope through Awareness

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02nd October 2024
All Day


The Village Hotel


Empowerment Charity
Empowerment Charity

Solace provide support to family, friends, and the wider community in Blackpool around suicide and mental health.

Solace provide you with a single point of access for local services and resources as well as a safe space to meet, talk, and help each other.

Our team work with you to help reduce the stigma, dispel myths and discuss the importance of support for those affected by suicide.

In a town above the National averages, it is important that we emphasise the importance of community-backed suicide and mental health support. It is our overarching aim to support an environment where change and meaningful support can take place.

Our work has distinct themes: 

  • Suicide Bereavement Support
  • Suicide Prevention Support
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
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Published: June 6, 2024