Spring North Members Meeting

Spring North held a meeting for its member organisations at Brockholes Nature Reserve last week. The meeting was well-attended by representatives from various charities and community groups in the region.

The meeting began with a welcoming message from Spring North’s Chair – Dave Edmundson, who thanked everyone for their participation and highlighted the importance of collaboration and learning in the voluntary sector. He then introduced the keynote speakers Sarah Swindley, CEO of the Lake District Foundation, and Keith Ashcroft, the newly appointed Chair of the Lake District Foundation.

Sarah and Keith delivered a powerful and insightful presentation covering climate change predictions and their direct impact on Lancashire communities, as well as the voluntary sector’s role in combating the effects and supporting residents. They shared their expertise and experience in leading environmental projects and initiatives, such as the Lake District Foundation’s work on restoring natural habitats, promoting sustainable tourism, and raising funds for conservation. Keith also drew on his experience as Regional Director of the Environment Agency, where he was responsible for a huge portfolio of projects including flood risk and response to Nuclear Power Stations.

The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session, where attendees asked questions and shared their views on how to address the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. Some of the topics discussed included how to engage with local authorities and businesses, how to raise awareness and educate the public, how to measure and report impact, and how to access funding and resources.

After a break for afternoon tea and networking, the Spring North team held mini-workshops in groups to support members with key organisational functions such as bid writing, marketing and communications, impact reporting, and data collection. The workshops were interactive and practical, providing members with useful tips and tools to improve their skills and knowledge.

The meeting was a great success, demonstrating the diversity and strength of the voluntary sector, as well as its potential to make a positive difference in tackling climate change and building community resilience.

Spring North’s next Members Meeting will be on the 12th of July, where we will be joined by the newly appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire, David Taylor.

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Published: June 16, 2023